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Our lives only change when we change, and this online course gives you the framework and the skills to create that change.

Roadmap to Joy offers nine practices that will show you what’s working in your life, what’s not – AND how to fix it.

They will assist you in building the life you really want for yourself, based on a foundation of self-awareness, personal responsibility and self-compassion.

Each video goes for five to seven minutes and you can watch them in any order, at any time. There is no rush to complete the course and the video manuscripts and course work are available via PDF download at any time for your ongoing your reference.

The practices are easy to apply and you need only start with twenty minutes a day for immediate results.

Please feel free to contact me at with any questions or if you require assistance as I genuinely want these practices to be available to everyone, at any stage of their lives.

Because happiness is an inside job. All it takes is small steps every day and this Roadmap to Joy is your gentle and effective guide.

Justine xx



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3 reviews for ROADMAP TO JOY

  1. Robyn McCarthy (verified owner)

    “Roadmap to Joy” is a clear and inspiring pathway to happiness. Justine is a sensitive, intelligent and succinct presenter and her practices are grounded in both ancient and contemporary wisdom. Her deep conviction and enthusiasm is both infectious and inspiring for anyone wishing to embark on the journey of personal transformation.

  2. Bernadette Ryan (verified owner)

    Loved, loved, loved them! You truly are a natural. The tempo is great and I can actually feel your enthusiasm and your honest expression of what you’ve learned and are now teaching. And those anecdotes are so compelling, it makes me feel like – yep, I can do this! At $44.95 – it’s an absolute bargain!

  3. Elizabeth Monaghan (verified owner)

    I’ve dipped into the first three videos and they are excellent! Not a wasted word and your enthusiasm is infectious! Roadmap to Joy is a genuine pathway to happiness.

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